The well-known game Sword of Chaos for Android and IOS devices is sweeping the market for online games is not surprising because since the arrival of "Ecuador - X", an Ecuadorian girl who lives in the city of Guayaquil has accepted will be part of this game, disproportionately increased the number of players who daily come in order to know "Ecuador - X".

Sword of chaos and the new trailer 2016 with Ecuador x

New trailer 2016 . Sword of chaos 2016


What is the full name of "Ecuador - X" and how old you currently have?
The full name is Jorge Andres Montoya and Cornejo was born on September 17, 1997 in Ecuador, Guayas, Guayaquil.

Ecuador x

What is special about Jorge Cornejo, so that people will enter the game at the news of his arrival?
Jorge Cornejo, is recognized as the current leader of special forces team LSV, which is called by many as the best group of Snipers planet, within the prestigious Call of Duty.
Now, with this information leaked by the gamer cup and PEO, we can deduce that Jorge Cornejo, has a number of followers considered within the world Gamer.
There is a theory that is not validated, but said by the gamers stars, sponsored by private companies, which is to claim that "Ecuador - X" is the authentic Campero Legendary Ecuador, a very high category for an Ecuadorian who he has not participated in the "Real kill Call of Duty", where alone the best manage to get to participate.
How could the participants "real kill Call of Duty" face "Ecuador - X", if they are exclusive and do not fight any player?
An interview with a participant in the "Real kill Call of Duty" revealed that played the weekend with people out of the tournament, ridiculing easily to all external players who had nothing to do with competition, even defeated groups considered strong out of the game, but that ended when they met "Ecuador - X".
That same day, they found another game to keep winning, but have had to face the group of "LSV" group is currently led by "Ecuador - X", the "Royal Kill Call of Duty" to see it was a group , decided to fight, as always 100%, but get 3 consecutive losses to the "LSV" of ECUADOR, group taking an extraordinary impression of this group.
Why the best group of "Real kill" lost against a group like the LSV?
THE ANSWER IS VERY EASY, the victory earned the LSV, as they had to Campero Legendary Ecuador in combat, is not a common Campero said the interviewee, it is a jeep able to beat the best, because it has the so coveted and only love, BLUE SKY, a weapon SS sniper class.

What happened after 3 battles?
The following may be considered curious, members of the "Real kill Call of Duty" they proposed only to "Ecuador - X" being part of the group "Real kill", but instantly "Ecuador - X" NO, since it would not be just leave the LSV group, with whom he trained to become a legendary, words move you to anyone, but nonetheless should be noted that denied of such an awesome opportunity that had guider along the path of successful professional gamer.
Apparently "Ecuador - X", ie Jorge Cornejo, is a humble being as not to leave his group is.
Why no other member of the LSV group, for a proposal to belong to the "Royal Kill"?
This was because all members were defeated easily to the "Real kill", with the exception of "Ecuador - X".

Trailer sword of chaos 2016